warrants its materials and craftsmanship for five (5) years on bathtub from job completion against peeling or other adhesion failure. This 5 Year warranty is non-transferable and prorated.

We will repair any defects in materials & craftsmanship assuming proper customer care & maintenance. However, as with any brand new or porcelain surface, a refinished surface can be chipped or scratched if abused.

We are not responsible for damage to refinished surfaces resulting from incorrect usage such as: mats with suctions cups, abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, pet scratch marks, or impact by sharp or heavy objects, etc. Which may mark or chip the surface.

**Crown Tubs Refinishing does not warranty sinks refinishing, countertops, vanity tops, soap holder, tile floor refinishing, terrazzo, caulking, or rust repairs.**

Rust: Corrosion on any surfaces which have rust developing at the overflow drain hole(s), and which has stained or lifted the porcelain at or around the hole(s) can be repaired and refinished, but Crown Tubs Refinishing does not offer any warranty, express or implied, on such a refinish. Every effort is made to remove all rust and apply the finish in a manner which will give long service, but under such circumstances, the rust may return. Crown Tubs Refinishing is not responsible for repairing any of the returning rust nor further removal of any rust.

PLUMBING: Our technicians are not plumbers. They are not trained, equipped, licensed, or authorized to perform plumbing. If they should remove or replace any pipes or fixtures at the customer’s request, such is done solely as a courtesy and the responsibility for any resulting potential damage lies with the customer. Our technicians may, under certain circumstances, find it necessary to remove or loosen handles, spouts, or overflow covers. In those cases, we will be responsible for those items unless the age or general decay of pipes or fixtures makes this impossible. Please inform our technicians or the estimator if your plumbing is old or in questionable condition in order that we may take special precautions or leave the plumbing completely undisturbed.

The five year warranty shall be pro-rated over the five years on an annual basis with changes in the pro-rata amount occurring on the anniversary date of the purchase. During the first year the coverage will be 100% and will reduce by 20% per year thereafter. All charges will be based on the then current, regular pricing. All Commercial refinishing of any kind is covered under our (1) year warranty. A $25 traveling fee will apply to all warranty work to be performed.

Crown Tubs Refinishing L.L.C