About Us

About us

Bringing beauty every space we touch.

Elevate spaces

Our mission is to elevate your spaces through expert bathtub refinishing solutions, turning your vision into reality.

Quality craftsmanship

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship in every project, ensuring your satisfaction

Environmental responsibility

We aim to make eco-conscious choices in our materials and processes, contributing to a greener future.

Endless choices

We offer a wide range of bathtub options to suit your style and needs, ensuring you find the perfect fit

Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about our top-notch flooring and tiling services. Their words speak volumes about the quality we deliver.

Sturdy and Sleek Bathtub Resurfacing

95% Slip-Free Satisfaction!

Our patrons relish the sturdy and sleek finish of our bathtub refinishing solutions. We boast in rejuvenating your bathing haven with enduring, visually appealing outcomes that endure through countless dips and splashes.

Gleaming Grout Galore:


We’ve garnered acclaim for our professional bathtub resurfacing mastery. With a 92% satisfaction rate, we guarantee your bathing retreat is refurbished with exactitude and an astute eye for sparkling detail.

Vision and Mission

Guiding principles of exceptional eminence.

Our vision

To create beauty in every space through exceptional bathtub refinishing and, become a leading service provider in the industry, and be a trusted partner for all projects

Our mission

Our team

The experts behind your beautiful floors.

Beau Allen

Master Tiler

Oscar Jones

Project Manager

Archer Ross

Flooring Specialist

Daniel Garcia

Lead Installer