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Before We Arrive

Please clear all surfaces and areas where work will be done and remove all items from tubs, showers and counters or areas which we will be working. The better the area is cleared the faster we can get the job done.

Please move all furniture and items like paintings, vases, or any decorative (knick knacks) items 8-10 feet from work area. There may be an additional charge in some cases where there is an unusual amount of items that need to be protected.

Tubs, showers and walls do not need to be cleaned before we arrive. Our process of cleaning and treating the surface will take care of the cleaning so you don’t have to.

Day of the Project

No person or pet is allowed in the room we are reglazing (kitchen or bath) when we start the process and 4 hrs after we finish the work.

Please allow the area to air dry, ventilate for a minimum of five 4 hours before re-entry. People with respiratory conditions, allergies, or other medical issues may consider being out of the house for a minimum of 4 hours to avoid upset.

The item(s) being reglazed will be ready for use in as little as 24 hrs. Please make necessary arrangements. 

Please let us know about anything out of the ordinary that we need to know about before we get there to make like medical conditions, special instructions for our technicians.

The Refinishing Process

Our refinish process typically includes the following steps: 

  • Setup ventilation to minimize odors, dust, and dirt

  • Repair (or remove) any chips, cracks, or related damage to surface (or rust)

  • Acid wash the surface (which includes an etching compound that prepares the surface for maximum adhesion)

  • Apply 2 to 3 coats of epoxy-based primer

  • Apply 2 to 3 coats of Glass Tech 9000 Porcelain Glaze

  • Final cleanup

Of course, additional steps may be required for some tubs, depending on condition and the underlying materials.  That’s where you can count on our solid reputation and expertise to provide you with exactly what you need, nothing less.

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